Zam.Io Created To Be A Fair Blockchain Bank, a cost-efficient blockchain based project for Banking payment solutions:
Zamzam ICO project is an innovative project which formed a unique concept of blockchain banks in the world of financial industry, emphasizing transition of the traditional monetary system to the revolutionized the digital economy. is a Turkey-based ICO startup which is intended to flourish the blockchain based banking plate-form that really generates a great value to the project.
According to a Research Paper at page number 15, “Rebooting financial services” created by Satander Innoventures, a collaboration with its partners Oliver Wyman & Anthemis Group, it is stated that distributed ledger technology has the potential to mitigate the banks infrastructure cost for cross-border payments, trading of securities & to meet meticulously regulatory compliance by $15 billion to $20 billion annually by 2022.

Research findings witnesses that the Zamzam blockchain based project would prove the cost-efficient tech for banking payment solutions.
Availability of Global Market for making a Blockchain payment solution:
Zamzam focusing on looking ahead approach. The global market has been striving for making a blockchain payment solution.

There is plenty of evidence has observed that various countries are indulging in promoting Blockchain payment solutions by formulating blockchain laws. Some examples are quoted below as a reference:
Taiwan launched Parliamentary Blockchain Alliance to promote crypto related services. Japan has already accepted Bitcoin as a legal form of Payment solution along with the traditional banking system
Switzerland Bank offers Business accounts to crypto related companies
Liechtenstein & Malta government announced to make Blockchain law to promote crypto banking.

Besides this, giant corporations including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, JP Morgan, Amazon are great proponents of blockchain payment solutions.
Cryptocurrency transactions & wallet adaptation has been steadily growing around the globe due to instant cross-border payment solutions & less transaction fee as compared to a traditional transaction fee.
Thus, Zamzam project has much potential & the future of Zamzam project looks bright.

OEF Based System: Openness, Efficiency & Fairness

Zamzam blockchain bank built on three core principles:
Openness- Blockchain is an open source, publicly accessible ledger, therefore, all financial activities take place through Zamzam project are open, transparent & undertaken in a real time. Zamzam blockchain bank is a premier example of open the banking system.
Efficiency – It reduces the role of the intermediary body, therefore, it is cost-efficient.
Fairness – It grants freedom of choice to choose centralized or decentralized assets storage.

Distinguished features of the Zamzam plate form:

A user can use Zamzam Wallet to send the money by cell phone number using decentralized distributed ledger technology. At present, Zamzam Wallet supports website, iPhone operating system & Android devices. On Zamzam plate form, a user can make payment in four (4) currencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Zamzam tokens. The project is used for both crypto & fiat transactions across the border.
In future, Zamzam project will also allow Visa Master cardholders to pay for goods or services.


To facilitate business management, Zamzam develops Zam.merchant to create ease of doing business all over the world. It allows users to integrate their business account, pay their bills, pay salaries to the employees, automatically calculate taxes for crypto & fiat transactions, automatic sending tax payments through business accounts.

Zam. Exchanges is integrated with Zam.Wallet for an internal exchange of cryptocurrency & fiat money. The Zamzam will implement Machine Learning to analyze crypto-exchange to determine optimal purchases & sales rates.

Zamzam Islamic Banking

The White paper revealed that Zamzam project is unique in its existence because it is the first blockchain based project that is going to implement Islamic banking in the blockchain world. The Zamzam fund is established which would be organized by Fund Council comprising 12 recognized Imams around the world.


Zamzam Blockchain bank project offers multiple payment solutions to the world through a decentralized distributed network. The project is backed by a notable team & a prominent public figure named Namig Mamedov (Technical Advisor) who has successfully completed a large number of National, Regional & International projects.
Furthermore, the Zamzam project plans to obtain all necessary licenses which are required to run the project. For instance, obtaining a payment system license, banking license in EU & in the Middle East, brokerage license etc. which seems that it is a viable project which meticulously compliance all regulatory requirements to protect users & investors.

Download and read the whitepaper to understand the project

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