Blinked The Blockchain Based Recommendation Platform

Blinked is a blockchain-based recommendation platform. Blinked is currently offering ICOs. Here is a short write-up on the ICC provided by Blinked.

The Blinked community already has 13000 subscribers and is growing fast. You can join the Blinked
community through various platforms including Telegram. Blinked is a new concept. It is a new kind of
platform where users can monetize their own data by becoming active recommenders.

Blinked accepts the recommendation for everything and anything on the planet. The recommended entity could be a person, it could be a place or event. Recommendations could also be made for a service, for a Technology or for that matter, anything on the earth. Blinked enables the users to offer recommendations on different products and view advertisements according to their interests. Users are rewarded for their content and engagement using Blinked Gold (BGZD). BGZD can be redeemed on the Blinked Arcade for rewards like airline tickets, hotel
stays and the like.

Blinked addresses most of the social media problems of today. For example, users get paid for publishing their content on the Blinked platform, unlike the current trend where users post their content for free on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Advertisers are paid 90% of the advertising revenue on the blinkedplatform. Blockchain Technology used in Blinked ensures that there is no data breach.
Blinked is more secure than most of today’s social media networks. Being built on the blockchain, blinkered ensures that advertisers have full transparency and get to see the effectiveness of their ads. Today, blinked boasts of more than quarter million recommendations in categories as diverse as food, travel, entertainment, sports, fashion etc.

Revolutionary concepts like that of Blinked is sure to be a hit. Being a blockchain based platform Blinked offers ICOs to its members. Blinked’s new cryptocurrency, called the BLKD, is the new sensation in the cryptocurrency world.

Users can register through Blinked’s mobile app. New users need to register using their mobile number and follow people. A video explaining the Blinked platform and the Blinked wallet is available for users to easily register themselves. Users can set up their own Blinked wallet using the Google authentication code.

Blinked is now unveiling a new crypto-currency called Blinked Token (BLKD). Advertisers purchase Blinked Tokens to advertise their products or services on Blinked. The Blinked Tokens are converted into Blinked Gold
inside the Blinked network and is credited to users who engage with the advertisements.

A blinked token is valid only on the Blinked platform. Since Blinked is built on an underlying blockchain
platform, it ensures more transparency and reliable validation. Blinked token, the BLKD is designed in such a way that advertisers pay users on the platform using the Blinked tokens.

Blinked Token’s Economic model consists of a stabilization fund, which regulates the exchange rate
fluctuations of the Blinked Token (BLKD) with respect to the fiat currency. The stabilization fund is built on
digital algorithms designed to maintain the resilience of the system. Plus, the Blinked tokens are also
subjected to revenue cap and inflation cap. A strong economic model indicates that the Blinked Token is a strong cryptocurrency to take note of. Hence, given the promise that the Blinked platform holds and
considering the benefits of having the Blinked Token, it makes perfect sense to go in for the Blinked Token ICO.

Read the white paper to fully undertand the project White Paper

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