Resto- A Loyalty Program For Food Service 

RestoToken– A loyalty program for foodservice 
“Cryptocurrency is such a powerful concept that it can almost overturn governments.”
– Well said by Charles Lee
Today, the concept of cryptocurrency has become an important part of the market where more than 1500 cryptocurrencies are in excited status. All cryptocurrencies come with unique ideas and concepts but the success of it depends upon the demand and the quality of the service. With a great mission, Resto Platform has also come in the market of the cryptocurrency. Further, we will discuss what is Resto? And what it exactly does?

What is Resto?

Resto is a well-known platform for the quality food service based on the block-chain Technology. Resto adapted blockchain technology to secure the data exchange also in other industries. It secures the transaction in an easy and faster way. Resto includes:
customizable loyalty program
set of innovative marketing tools and all-in-one app with advantageous cashback for customers.
user-friendly CRM system

Why Resto?

The present food industry has a lot of limitations that should be removed to make the system more reliable, transparent and profitable. Seeing these limitations, Resto has given a solution to the food market with the following characteristics:
Resto is a complete solution to the major issues in the traditional foodservice industry.
Resto generates a worldwide integrated loyalty space with crypto-cashback, attractive offers, the most competitive prices, and a real extra income option for the existing consumers
Resto offers security and transparency as transactions are verified by the Ethereum platform through blockchain technology.
Resto permits an operator with exclusive marketing resources like current consumer database and advanced options to the customers.

RestoToken: Resto token is a utility token and it can be used for the transaction purpose within the Resto loyalty platform. Resto token can be purchased on the token sale that is live now. Early participants will get more offers and discounts.

More Information:

Resto Token Price: 0,0001 ETH
Ethereum: ERC20
Token emission: 1 100 000 000
Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, ZEC, BCH
SOFT CAP: 12 500 ETH
HARD CAP: 50 000 ETH
Additional token emission: impossible
Bonus Scheme: yes
KYC: yes
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent)/no limits
Whitelist: no
Tokens for the Team will be frozen for 1 year

Token Sale: At present, you can be a part of 20 % limited offer bonus sale. Restotoken is live now, you can buy. Resto token is a utility token. Various Token sales are to be decided time to time. In this offers and discounts are to be offered to users accordingly. Sales can be public or private under pre-ICO, ICO & post ICO sales. All contributors must visit our website time to time to get proper benefits.


As you read a lot about Resto that what is the main mission to launch ICO, you must know that Resto has a positive and clean approach. So, become a part of it and help in providing the quality to the food industry. For more information keep on visiting our site RestoToken

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