RAIDO A Reliable, Efficient And Multi Functional Solution For Trading

Raido Financial Plate form:

The Radiofinance Financial Plate form is created underlying idea to evolve a range of financial products & financial tools including cryptocurrency trading exchange, multi-currency wallet, initiate ICO projects – the global financial fintech ecosystem which offers financial & investment operations for Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer (B2C) on the cryptocurrency markets. It registered in Belize country, accepted currencies are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC & DASH.
It unites all the features & tools of crypto-markets at a single plate form which satisfy the needs of its users.

There is no need to pay commission while transferring the cryptocurrencies with the users & the use of the blockchain technology. When the user withdraws the funds, the corresponding amount will be taken from the reserve fund during the transfer so the only Commission that will be paid is the commission for transferring the crypto to an external address.

Advantages of Raido Financial Ecosystem:

Radiofinance exchange allows the user to trade with minimum spread & maximum speed. Reliable, efficient global trading solution with over 50 cryptocurrency exchange & margin trading tools.

Instant transaction processing:
This executes high-frequency transactions; automatic opening & closing of transactions while trading with cryptocurrency contracts & high liquidity due to a large number of liquidity providers API connection that has the capability of handling up to 100 requests in one second from each participant.


The issue of scaling is better managed by load balancing modules algorithm trading GEO DNS zone that effectively processes high-frequency queries & Machine Learning modules connect with eternal crypto services of exchanges & payment solutions.
Data Encryption:
Encryption of personal & client’ billing data of client’s funds for hot & multi-signature cold wallets Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) with verification for fiat-crypto exchanges & protect against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Launch; Manage New ICO:

The plate form offers a unique facility to launch & manage your ICO project which starts & ends with token sale along with marketing, legal & technical support.

The convenience of trading functionalities:

The plate form creates convenience of trading functionalities for retail & institutional participants of the market. The use of API with REST, WebSockets or FIX protocol helps in trading operations such as enhancing load processing system; integrating with external services.
Multi-Currency Raido Wallet:
Radiofinance Financial plate form runs trading, exchange & investment activities with digital assets from multi-currency Raido wallet which supports Bitcoin, altcoin & tokens with newly listed currencies. The multicurrency wallet ensures security using private keys & cryptography – a mechanism of math ; a codebase.

Cross border payment solution:

It can facilitate cross border payment solution with the exchange of cryptocurrencies, deposit & withdrawal of fiat currency, currency transfers & store financial assets.
Raido Wallet has the capability of integration with multiple online projects. With payment accepting modules for digital assets & fiat currencies, it can control financial balances.

Ease of operations:

One clicks transaction process, use of own funds with provided supported currencies & dynamically calculated commission fee ensures the transparency of the project. Additionally, multilanguage like English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, French etc. support is available for the understanding of people with a different cultural-lingual background.

Token Sale:

Token sale rounds start with pre-sale on November 15, 2018, to December 15, 2018; ends on January 15, 2018, to February 15, 2019, with main token sales.

Distribution of tokens

The total 86.25 million RF tokens will be capped with the undernoted distribution

Team Members:

The White Paper presented details about the team members. Some of them are discussed below:
Filippos Konstantinidis – CEO of Raido Financial project, a crypto enthusiast, trading visionary motivator with expertise in Forex Industry. He has a working experience as a President in Fibo Group Holdings LTD. Filippos is a Masters of Science in Biotechnology Enterprise. He is responsible for the development of the Raido Financial Project.
Dmitry Kucher – Head of the Analyst Team. He has a huge experience in financial markets such as banking & the stock market of Ukraine. He is also known as a private investor, a practicing trader & an Asset Manager.
He believes that trading based on technical analysis.

Pedram Raufi

– A practicing trader and analyst of the currency market use. He has a deep knowledge of commodity & crypto-markets with a command in Persian language. Pedram has written a fine piece of analytical writing comprising articles, analytical reviews, forecasting on foreign exchanges & commodity markets. He believes that the project would bring a revolution in trading activities.

Yassin Walid Yunis

– A cryptocurrency market analyst with an extensive grip on the Arabic language. He is well versed in using technical analysis for trading especially use of candlestick & graphical figures.
Yassin is a distinguished person who has written many articles, reviews & predicts on crypto markets.
Besides this, there are other team members who belong to financial currency & cryptocurrency markets.

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