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More than half of the world productions and services are provided by small and medium scale enterprises, however, strict regulations of financial marketing and new banking standards almost completely collapse small and medium scale enterprises. Entrepreneurs find it hard to source for capital to start a business or funds to maintain existing ones; over seventy percent SMEs around the world that applied for a loan is turned down.

What is Must

To solve the above problem, Main Universal Standard of Tokenization (MUST) was created. is a platform where digitization, tokenization, and trade of asset and financial instruments are available for Micro, Small and medium-sized enterprises. MUST eliminates intermediaries in providing access to capital and creates a new financial market based on the real assets of the SMEs. Using Blockchain technology and smart contracts, it makes financing and transactions transparent, an investor knows the real-time, where and what his/her capital is being used for. MUST allow transfer of value for any type of asset between users; the assets may be tangible or digital assets. Thus, MUST protocol makes it easy for users to verify the information of the assets being transferred.

Why you should invest in MUST Project

Transferring assets and values requires a good knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations that are sometimes very complex. For example; if someone wants to rent/buy a house, buy a car or sell securities, he/she must at least have basic knowledge of the legal process to follow, because of this, many hire third parties to see to their “rights to assets”, thus paying more than the real value of the asset in the long run.

Honesty in the evaluation of assets is another issue facing the transfer of value and assets; two out of three parties sometimes connive to dupe the other party. This had led to a lack of trust from buyers and receivers because most of the time buyers do not have complete information on the assets they are about to purchase and would not want to invest their money.
And also, Crowdfunding a business is not what it is used to be, with ever increasing of fraudulent activities, investors find it hard to trust their money to just any business. This affects many great business ideas negatively. provide solutions to these and more problems by providing a platform on which validating of assets, accounting and assets rights management can be carried out with the help of non-fungible tokens. With MUST protocol the following benefit can be derived;
MUST create an environment for SMEs to get debt financing services.
MUST’s escrow-smart contracts provide securities for users transactions taking place on MUST Blockchain. implementation of “tokenizing rights to assets” will force banks and leasing/insurance companies to come up with better products and services.
Users will have full information of assets on their Blockchain before investing in it.
Crowdsale Investors will have the full scope of the business they are investing in, and also will be sure of refunding/compensation if the business goes down south.
MUST team is made up of highly experienced personnel who have vast experience in various fields like business intelligence, Blockchain, IT, software, finance, HR, etc. MUST have partnered with many other projects such as oodini, OnGrid Systems, Order of Magnitude and Crypto Processing.
MUST PROTOCOL presale is live, visit and sign up for a free 100 MUST tokens.

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