CryptoCirclex The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocirclex– The most advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange
What is Crypto Currency exchange?
Crypto Currency Exchange is defined as an intermediary that acts between the buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. Here, we can exchange one cryptocurrency with another. As many cryptocurrencies are coming in the market, the need of exchanges is in demand. In the race of Cryptocurrency exchanges, Crypto Circle X has also come with a positive mission.

About Cryptocirclex:
Crypto Circle X is declared as the most advanced crypto exchange based on the blockchain technology. The features like superior technological algorithm, AI bot, Auto trading, trading alerts, professional charts with technical analysis, the friendly and responsive interface makes the exchange specially designed. Because of these advantages, Crypto Circle X can do performance trading with more than ten million transactions per second. The mobile app is also available for their users.

How Cryptocirclex is different from other crypto exchanges?
The whole ecosystem of Crypto Circle X is prepared on seeing the requirements and the needs of the users. The main aim is to create reliable, secure and trusted cryptocurrency exchange that results in speed and scalability to the platform. The main features that make it a different form other are
Security: Passwords are not stored as all sensitive user data is AES 256 encrypted. Also, Cloudflare protection is there to defend from DDoS attacks. Moreover, customer authentication login, 2FA with Google Authenticator is also offered.

High-Performance Trading: The whole software of the system is developed on the GoLang machine language that is extremely fast and secure. With this, the platform is capable of processing millions of transactions per second.
Anti-market manipulation: The platform of the exchange features real-time market surveillance, supervision, and compliance system monitors for suspicious trading activity. It promotes the anti-market manipulation activity of the system.

Moreover, if we talk about the other features of this advanced exchange then have a look on the following points:
Quick and easy google login without going to a long process of creating an account.
24 * 7 hrs. customer care service
Remote servers
less trading fees
Token sale:
On the platform, there are 223,000,000 Million tokens are available for the sale. The sale includes the following stages:
Private sale (AUGUST 13TH – SEPT 17TH) with 15 % Bonus on token Purchase.
Pre-sale (SEPT 17TH – OCT 22ND) with 7 % Bonus on token Purchase
Crowd sale (OCT 22ND – NOV 26TH) until the Hard cap is reached.
Token Protocol ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain
Soft Cap $3,000,000.00
Hard Cap $20,000,000.00
Payment Methods ETH
Available for Purchase 223,000,000 CCX Tokens
1 ETH 5,389 CCX Tokens
1 CCX $0.09
Team 15 %
Token sales 75 %
Bonus 05 %
Bounties/ Others 05 %
For update keep on visiting Actions on this platform are totally transparent to the buyers and sellers. No chance of cheating is there. We always assure you the best rates with best customer care service. We are always here to help you.

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