Best Investment Securix. A Token-Driven Mining Company

Progressively, cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity due to the set of particular characteristics among which we can highlight: confidentiality, decentralization, transaction speed, globalization, security. With over 180 billion dollars in total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, it is, therefore, a non-negotiable factor in today’s economy.

Cryptocurrencies, otherwise known as digital money, are developed through the creation of a software and using encryption techniques, that is, techniques that hide information through codes, making it much safer. These techniques allow to regulate the generation of units and verify each transaction in a decentralized way in a system known as Blockchain.

Unlike the central banks and the government, which intervene in generating or restricting, creating or destroying money in order to modify supply and demand, cryptocurrencies are born with pre-established rules of generation and limits of themselves.

These rules can only be modified in the consensus of the community. That is why they are said to be decentralized.
The process of deciphering the codes to create a cryptocurrency unit is called mining, and the miners are the people who dedicate themselves to carrying out this process, currently through very powerful machines capable of performing thousands of calculations per second. This type of mining is done by Proof of Work (PoW).

For those that not involved in this enterprise, it might seem that mining is “the goose that lays the golden eggs.” But, unfortunately, it is not like that. Some of the factors to consider before going into mining cryptocurrencies includes: electricity cost and consumption; Price and duration of the necessary machinery; Hash rate or mining power and the most important is the value of the cryptocurrency.

The enemies of profitability in mining: ‘halving’ and increasing the difficulty. In cryptocurrency mining, ‘halving’ is the effect of reducing the rewards by half from time to time. In the early days of Bitcoin, the reward was 50 bitcoins per block, which went to 25 and then to 12.5. This process will continue to occur every 210,000 blocks, that is, every approximately 4 years. The increase in difficulty refers to the complexity of finding the solutions to the mathematical problems that occur in the mining process.

This ultimately translates to obsolescence of the machinery acquired over time.
Securix is an Ethereum backed project that tends to help individuals make the most profit out of the mining industry despite the disadvantages. While it is impossible for individual miners to compete with mining farms and top organizations in this niche. It is, however, possible with Securix such that individuals who participated in the ICO process would be a part of the organization and all the benefits.

The company has mining farms in Europe, Holland, the Netherlands with staff and team members of various expertise relating to this field who are living in those locations thereby cutting expenses from team members.

Added to this is the use of a decentralized energy source (from green energy generators directly to Securix Mining Farms) that tends to eliminate middlemen’s cost also. Also, all token holders would have a constant share of 45% for all bitcoins mined from the farm. Also, 10% of the total profit generated would be used either to acquire new mining equipment or buyback of the Securix token (SRXIO) which would ultimately increase the value of the token over time.

Why competing with top mining farms all around the world when you can be part of Securix project with mouth-watering benefits than any other mining firms in the world? Save yourself of some heartaches such as high start-up capital, huge electricity consumption and expenses, huge market volatility and the difficulty in mining as a result of ‘halving’. Just purchase the Securix token and be a part of this profit-making enterprise.

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